If you, a relative or your company is facing charges of fraud or any other financial crime in the state or federal courts, contact us for a free consultation about your options. It is extremely important to protect your interests at every stage of a fraud case, from investigation through trial.

Fraud crimes can be any charged in any of the following:

At our law firm the securities attorneys understand that there is a difference between simply assisting a client with drafting offering and disclosure documents and helping to guide the business owners and other key individuals.

Our firm assists those charged with any of the above or related crimes. Clients may include individuals, small businesses, and corporate officers and directors. Our connections with investigators with law enforcement backgrounds and forensic accountants allow us to fight such fraud charges on the merits of the case while working with the prosecutors to remove or reduce as many counts or charges on legal, procedural, technical or jurisdictional grounds.

Naljian Law Offices will advise and represent clients in the defense of such crimes. Keep in mind that conviction of any fraud crime might result in: a term of imprisonment, excessive fines, or both. You might also face restricted future employment, mainly in the fields of a licensed profession. Foreign nationals in the US (on a green card or work visa) could face deportation and removal proceedings upon conviction. Our ties with other attorneys with expertise in such related fields will take the broader consequences of your case into account as we work to achieve the best possible resolution of your case.