A cybercrime is any crime involving the use of a computer, Internet, or other digital evidence. Like any other crimes, computer crimes, Internet crimes, and cybercrimes can be investigated by local, state, federal, or international law enforcement. Indeed, in many circumstances, because Internet wires run throughout the entire United States, many Internet crimes involve various investigative agencies, including the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (known as “ICE”), the FBI, the Secret Service, and numerous state and local agencies.

With our ever-evolving world of technology and computers, cybercrimes are on the rise.

Some of the most common technology crimes include:

Whether you are being investigated for such crimes, a search warrant has been executed at your premises for suspicion of such activities, or currently have a case pending with charges similar to the ones listed above, contact Naljian Law Offices for a consultation regarding our expertise in these and other related cybercrime offenses.