If you have previously been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor crime, such a conviction will be documented on your criminal record, which can be reviewed by various people when a background check is run. In California, criminal cases are publicly available to anybody from courts, and nowadays, even online. For many individuals, a previous conviction has been the underlying matter holding them back from various prospects, including gainful employment or new careers, obtaining decent housing, and in certain circumstances, new credit. Naljian Law Offices will help you clean your past record with early terminations or probation, sealing of records and expungements.

In most circumstances, we can set aside your California criminal conviction by withdrawing your plea and having the case dismissed. No matter how old of a record one might have, whether a conviction was during a juvenile career or during adulthood, no matter how complex the law might have been with an individual’s certain case, a sealing of one’s record or expungement of the conviction is a procedure that everyone must do. Both misdemeanor and felony convictions can usually be expunged.

The Prodcedure

Once a successful result has been obtained and relief has been granted in your case, in most instances, you can truthfully answer “no” to a question regarding criminal convictions. Some believe that juvenile records or adult criminal convictions are automatically sealed or cleared by passage of time. That is incorrect. Court require proper petitions or motions be filed which comply with the current requirements of the code and outstanding case law in order to obtain the proper relief. Depending upon the facts of your case, we may be successful for petitioning the Court for sealing your records or expungement of your conviction in the following cases:

Keep in mind that an expungement is a legal procedure in which a conviction is cleared from a criminal record. This does not mean that the conviction is removed entirely; rather it means that the conviction will no longer be able to be viewed by the public. After a petition for an expungement is granted by the court, an individual will have the “fresh start” or “new beginning” that they need to pursue their careers, without having the shame and embarrassment of a criminal conviction.

Contacting Naljian Law Offices will give you the assistance and guidance necessary when going through the process of having a conviction sealed or expunged. Not all persons with criminal convictions are eligible to have their convictions sealed or expunged. To find out if you are a good candidate to have your records sealed or expunged, please contact Naljian Law Offices to obtain a free consultation and low-cost quote. In most circumstances, we will require to investigate your criminal history to properly advise you. However, rest assured that we will provide all the guidance and peace-of-mind necessary to help you with your legal needs.