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  • Charged with a Crime?

    Raffi Naljian can represent anyone charged with a crime within the state of California. He can negotiate with prosecutors and will often arrange for a reduced charges or lesser sentencing. In certain circumstances, the entire case will get dismissed!

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  • Got a Ticket?

    Raffi Naljian can represent anyone with a ticket and help the client avoid license suspensions, increased insurance costs and help keep a clean driving record.

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  • Injured?

    Raffi Naljian can help a client recover a settlement for a client and his or her loved ones to help pay medical care costs, get a car back to its original condition, pay for missed work and get the client's life back to normal and compensation for pain and suffering.

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Naljian Law Offices

Raffi G. Naljian of NALJIAN LAW OFFICES can help you with all these and more. As always, Mr. Naljian will continue to provide clients with expert representation in all areas of criminal defense, including drunk driving, domestic violence and violent crimes, drug crimes, bank and credit card fraud, expungements, and specialized defense in all DMV and traffic related matters.

More importantly, in conjunction with a team of experienced lawyers, Mr. Naljian has recently diversified his practice with assistance in a wider array of legal fields, including contract and lease agreement negotiations and formations, estate planning (wills and trusts), and lemon law.

Thank you for your visit. Naljian Law Offices hopes that you find this site helpful. If you have questions or need the sound, reasonable and private advice of a lawyer, please call the firm for a free consultation.

Don't take matters into your hands and then regret bad choices; allow us to help you with your legal issues.

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