The California Vehicle Code, and various other California Codes, codify and penalize numerous driving offenses. Every day, thousands of California drivers receive a traffic ticket from a police officer.

There are two major types of traffic tickets:

  • Tickets for moving violations such as speeding, failure to obey posted traffic signs or lights, illegal turns, failure to obey a pedestrian’s right-of-way, and various other actions while driving your car.
  • Tickets for non-moving violations such as not having valid insurance or registration.

No matter which type of ticket you receive, you are always able to contest it, whether in writing or in court. Whether a ticket is contested through the mail or in court, the Naljian Law Offices will do everything possible to achieve a favorable result such as dismissal, a non-pointable offense, first or second-offender traffic school, and even reduced fines. Dismissals and convictions for non-pointable offenses will prevent a point (or in some circumstances, two points) going on your record with the DMV.

Naljian Law Offices understands its clients’ need to keep a clean driving record free of points or the possibility of suspensions. While almost all drivers in California do not contest their citations, several convictions and points may nevertheless be removed from your driving record if a case is re-opened within a specific time period from the time of conviction. Having a lawyer on your side through all of these procedures increases your chances of fighting and beating the ticket. Contact us for a free consultation and a very reasonable and affordable quote for our representation.