Naljian Law can represent anyone charged with a crime within the state of California.  We can negotiate with prosecutors and will often arrange for a reduced charge or lesser sentencing. In certain circumstances, the entire case will get dismissed!



If you have been ticketed and/or arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol, (a "DUI",) or your circumstances are much more severe, contacting a drunk driving lawyer immediately to protect all your rights can be very advantageous.

Police officers use various methods to determine whether a driver has had too much to drink, or is too intoxicated by some other means, to be driving. The most common methods include: Simple observation, a field sobriety test, or blood-alcohol test (breath, blood or urine).

While a simple observation test consists of studying the demeanor of the operator of a vehicle and determining whether the driver is intoxicated based on his general behavior is a very common method, an officer's observations and conclusions are not always flawless or conclusive. A sobriety test includes what is referred to as an on-the-field test. The officer will instruct the suspected intoxicated driver of a vehicle to do several standard exercises, such as walking a straight line, counting, or reciting the alphabet, the purpose of which is to help the officer determine whether an individual is impaired or too intoxicated to operate a motor vehicle. A blood alcohol test usually requires a breathalyzer unit, which calculates the amount of alcohol in an individual's blood by measuring the percentage of alcohol in the driver's breath. A blood or urine test at a police station achieves the same purpose with greater accuracy by calculating blood-alcohol content by using a mathematical formula.

It is important to know what your legal rights are concerning a DUI. A drunk driving attorney has expertise in this specific area of law and would be able to help you protect your rights at every stage of the proceedings.

The penalties in drunk driving cases are particularly intricate. There are a set of penalty guidelines for various prosecutorial agencies to follow. Nevertheless, there are numerous factors that could change the outcome of the penalty, including: refusal to take the breathalyzer test, whether the driver has had a previous DUI or related conviction within the past seven years, whether the driver's blood-alcohol content was greater than .15%, whether the driver was speeding or was involved in an accident, whether the driver was a minor, and various other reasons.

Additionally, sentencing in a DUI case is affected by the facts of each individual case, court policies, the driver's performance on field sobriety tests, and of course, weaknesses of the prosecution's case uncovered by the defense attorney.

If you have been arrested for a DUI, do not take matters into your own hands. Hire the Naljian Law Offices and let us protect your rights!

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If you have previously been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor crime, such a conviction will be documented on your criminal record, which can be reviewed by various people when a background check is run. In California, criminal cases are publicly available to anybody from courts, and nowadays, even online. For many individuals, a previous conviction has been the underlying matter holding them back from various prospects, including gainful employment or new careers, obtaining decent housing, and in certain circumstances, new credit. Naljian Law Offices will help you clean your past record with early terminations or probation, sealing of records and expungements.

In most circumstances, we can set aside your California criminal conviction by withdrawing your plea and having the case dismissed. No matter how old of a record one might have, whether a conviction was during a juvenile career or during adulthood, no matter how complex the law might have been with an individual's certain case, a sealing of one's record or expungement of the conviction is a procedure that everyone must do. Both misdemeanor and felony convictions can usually be expunged.

Once a successful result has been obtained and relief has been granted in your case, in most instances, you can truthfully answer "no" to a question regarding criminal convictions. Some believe that juvenile records or adult criminal convictions are automatically sealed or cleared by passage of time. That is incorrect. Court require proper petitions or motions be filed which comply with the current requirements of the code and outstanding case law in order to obtain the proper relief. Depending upon the facts of your case, we may be successful for petitioning the Court for sealing your records or expungement of your conviction in the following cases:

  • Having an arrest changed to a "detention only"
  • Sealing of Diversion (1000 PC) or 'DEJ' records
  • Sealing and destruction of a juvenile record
  • The withdrawal of a plea and dismissal of the case
  • Reduction of conviction from a felony to misdemeanor
  • Early termination of probation

Keep in mind that an expungement is a legal procedure in which a conviction is cleared from a criminal record. This does not mean that the conviction is removed entirely; rather it means that the conviction will no longer be able to be viewed by the public. After a petition for an expungement is granted by the court, an individual will have the "fresh start" or "new beginning" that they need to pursue their careers, without having the shame and embarrassment of a criminal conviction.

Contacting Naljian Law Offices will give you the assistance and guidance necessary when going through the process of having a conviction sealed or expunged. Not all persons with criminal convictions are eligible to have their convictions sealed or expunged. To find out if you are a good candidate to have your records sealed or expunged, please contact Naljian Law Offices to obtain a free consultation and low-cost quote. In most circumstances, we will require to investigate your criminal history to properly advise you. However, rest assured that we will provide all the guidance and peace-of-mind necessary to help you with your legal needs.

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More serious crimes are known as felonies. They are punished harshly usually with a prison term. Misdemeanors are less serious crimes and carry lesser penalties.

Examples of certain misdemeanors which you might have been arrested and charged with include:

  • Petty Theft
  • Reckless Driving
  • Engaging in a Speed Contest
  • Simple Assault
  • Disorderly Conduct
  • Trespassing
  • Prostitution
  • Vandalism
  • Marijuana or simple drug possession

Of course, punishments vary according to jurisdiction of where your case is, but typically, they are crimes which can be resolved with little or no time in jail. Each case varies from one another based on the facts of each individual case. Call Naljian Law Offices for a consultation and an affordable means of hiring great representation.

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With our ever-evolving world of technology and computers, cybercrimes are on the rise.

A cybercrime is any crime involving the use of a computer, Internet, or other digital evidence. Like any other crimes, computer crimes, Internet crimes, and cybercrimes can be investigated by local, state, federal, or international law enforcement. Indeed, in many circumstances, because Internet wires run throughout the entire United States, many Internet crimes involve various investigative agencies, including the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (known as "ICE"), the FBI, the Secret Service, and numerous state and local agencies.

Some of the most common technology crimes include:

  • Identity Theft
  • Internet Fraud
  • Piracy
  • Security Breaches
  • Electronic Information Asset Theft
  • Internet Harassment
  • Internet Gambling Fraud or Theft
  • Computer Intrusion (i.e. hacking)
  • Stock or Investment Fraud
  • Password Exchange
  • Theft of Trade Secrets

Whether you are being investigated for such crimes, a search warrant has been executed at your premises for suspicion of such activities, or currently have a case pending with charges similar to the ones listed above, contact Naljian Law Offices for a consultation regarding our expertise in these and other related cybercrime offenses.

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If you, a relative or your company is facing charges of fraud or any other financial crime in the state or federal courts, contact us for a free consultation about your options. It is extremely important to protect your interests at every stage of a fraud case, from investigation through trial.

Fraud crimes can be any charged in any of the following:

  • Insurance fraud
  • Consumer fraud
  • Mortgage fraud
  • Fraudulent real estate appraisals, or mortgage lending practices
  • Embezzlement or employee theft
  • Mail fraud
  • Bankruptcy fraud
  • Health care, Medicaid or prescription fraud
  • Wire fraud
  • Tax fraud
  • Money laundering

Our firm assists those charged with any of the above or related crimes. Clients may include individuals, small businesses, and corporate officers and directors. Our connections with investigators with law enforcement backgrounds and forensic accountants allow us to fight such fraud charges on the merits of the case while working with the prosecutors to remove or reduce as many counts or charges on legal, procedural, technical or jurisdictional grounds.

Naljian Law Offices will advise and represent clients in the defense of such crimes. Keep in mind that conviction of any fraud crime might result in: a term of imprisonment, excessive fines, or both. You might also face restricted future employment, mainly in the fields of a licensed profession. Foreign nationals in the US (on a green card or work visa) could face deportation and removal proceedings upon conviction. Our ties with other attorneys with expertise in such related fields will take the broader consequences of your case into account as we work to achieve the best possible resolution of your case.

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